amazonite, calcite, labradorite and jasper piece. Amazonite blocks negative environmental emissions and smog and filters thoughts, joining intellect to intuition aligning the physical to the etheric body  and assisting release from grief as well as other emotional issues. Physically lab stones are helpful with ailments such as high stress or sickness resulting from stress, hormonal and metabolic imbalance low immunity as well as blood and bone issues. Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer due to its tranquil nature...reminds people to assist those in absorbs negative energy and cleanses and aligns the chakra. Imparts determination, encourages honesty, organization and seeing things though.  Calcite is  a third eye opener  reminds us we are spirt beings in human vessels on a journey with intent and purpose, connecting emotions with intellect, healing the mind and providing discernment . This Crystal is considered the cure all in its effectiveness to Decalcify both spiritually and physically.
heal the skin and soft tissue, revitalizing the immune, joint and skeletal  systems cleansing the overall aura. Inducing  motivation, displacing laziness and hopelessness. Many Ancient Egyptian artifacts were crafted of this great eye opener.

Uplifting sands