Rhodonite a heart chakra Taurus birth stone, the energy of this stone can assist in discovering innate talents that one may not have been aware of, and work out the best way to utilize them. 
This is an advantageous healing crystal to be used in meditation to help discover where ones destiny lies. These pink crystals are powerful to balance your emotions. Their energy will intensify acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love towards others. Rhodonite is the "non-violent communication" stone. It facilitates mutual understanding and strengthens friendships. It helps to solve conflicts in a constructive manner, and to remain clear and calm even in extreme situations. It is an excellent "first aid" stone for both emotional trauma and physical injury, and with care can help to support and treat those with heart conditions. 
It is also useful for those who have experienced abuse in the past, particularly those who have been abused as children, it assist in coming to terms with the abuse, release the pain, and acheive a level of acceptance. This is even more effective when used in combination with larimar and aquamarine to help release the accompanying fear and anger, and help find a positive way of expressing it.

Rhodonite brass cuff