Quartz produces a strong centering vibration which passes into the persons being healing and giving life these crystals resonate the esoteric knowledge which may be accessed and attuned intuitively while in meditation and utilized for healing, energizing, purification and spiritual practice.  It accesses the Akashic record and has absorbed learning over eons putting past future and present into perspective and directs the path toward growth and development reconnecting one to their original intent and purpose with like soul group at incarnation. Also promoting inner vision and healing to the healer. Facilitating soul retrieval and core soul healing, strongest for clearing electromagnetic smog, and amplifying metaphysical abilities, Just one Crystal within the aura doubles the biomagnetic field and attunes its vibrational level to the user and their spiritual being...storing energy, dissolving karmic seeds, cleansing the soul, healing, amplifying metaphysical abilities and high vibrational energy.

Copper Quartz crucifix