Rainbow 🌈 topaz 
Recharges and directs energy where it is most needed. Aligns the meridians, clears the aura, induces relaxation, assist with balancing all the chakras and is most effective when working with the sun or Jupiter transits. Encourages trust in the universe which enables you to BE instead of DO. Topaz aids in Astuteness, releasing and self realization. As a stone of love and good fortune it provides emotional support and draws forth the manifestation, visualization, and affirmations of health and inner riches. Sheds light on your path and can speed up spiritual development where the journey has been arduous. Negative energy burns away in the presence of this joyous crystal. Additionally ✨✨✨ Rainbows in crystals are an indication of joy and happiness and a symbol of the collective consciousness, they are also helpful in alleviating depression , a crystal topaz sphere emits energy in all directions, and will add to the chi in ones home both spiritual and physical. 

Magic Mirror


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