Agate is a useful earth healer great for plants and trees...extremely stabilizing, and should be worn for extended periods of time...providing a sense of security and safety even in the most challenging times and helping you find the gift within those moments . Assisting in the connection to the nurturing energy of nature, restoring vitality. Offering protection against negativity and imparting strength. Is beneficial for releasing emotional repression, artistic expression, the brain, concentration and analytics as well as stabilization of the aura. A key precious stone for harmonizing and facilitating of self love and acceptance, thus releasing self confidence and in turn allowing one to speak their truth.  Also a soothing calming crystal but  gently and steadily empowering its wearer with great strength and clarity of vision,  it assists one to overcome anger and bitterness lighting various situations to reveal the root. Additionally, it can be programmed to protect you and your family. Raises the individual consciousness linking one to the collective consciousness and the oneness of life and nature. Stabilizing the entire aura eliminating and transmuting negative energies.

Green lightning