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crystal protection piece of grey agate, jasper, citrine, and obsidian. Grey agate Is the yin and yang harmony,  an emotional stabilizer grounding and centering physical energy. Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer due to its tranquil nature...reminds people to assist those in need..it absorbs negative energy and cleanses and aligns the chakra. Imparts determination, encourages honesty, organization and seeing things through. citrine is a premier manifestation stone and is known for drawing  prosperity, understanding and divine healing. As a blockage remover and motivator envision a yellow ball similar to the sun radiating from your center to assist clearing things that would stifle ones confidence or personal power. Obsidian is grounding and extremely protective. I find it excellent for people who work with people...its easy to leave ones profession feeling drained an energy hangover of sorts, due to excessive contact with various energies throughout the day.

Desert jasper