Amethyst encourages a serene calm environment as well as selflessness and spiritual wisdom. Promoting divine love, harmony and tranquility amethyst blocks negativity and purifies the aura. Balancing highs and lows ushering in motivation where understanding is lacking. While the amplifying abilities of quartz  assist soul retrieval and core soul healing, strongest for clearing electromagnetic smog, and amplifying metaphysical abilities, Just one quartz crystal within the aura doubles the biomagnetic field and attunes its vibrational level to the user and their spiritual being. Obsidian assist one to make substantial shifts in energy and the auric field, providing protection . If you feel drawn to obsidian , move forward via detox or letting go with a releasing ceremony and watch as your highest self begins to emerge, ask and you shall be guided while being purified from unwanted negativity as well as psychic attacks, especially during the powerful energy of the full moon 

Copper (3) crystal charm energy bracelet (unisex)