About Analogy The Healing Tree

peace and prosperous existence beautiful beings welcome to analogy The Healing Tree. our passion is to assist women and men to take charge of your personal energy and raise your personal vibration.

we  provide intuitively hand made healing crystal prescriptions crafted into wearable art. 

the healing tree was created out of a desire to awaken characters to rise within my spirit as well as to assist others down the path of self awareness

We have always been driven by this unseen force urging us to wear certain accents, semi-precious stones, crystals, gems, minerals etc. Never really knowing that it is the universes way of assisting us to raise our vibrations for various

 life lessons and so on this journey.

To truly gain the benefits of wearing these items, empower yourselves with knowledge, absorb up and enjoy our natural healing crystals and attuning accessories for the god and goddess in us all.